Rise was started on a simple premise - how can the average homeowner have a home that is more sustainable in every way?

Today, Rise is the leading online authority in sustainable home improvement - we provide homeowners with know-how and connections to build this way, and by giving professionals a new way to connect with educated customers. So really, what is Sustainable Home Improvement? Some may refer to it as 'green' or 'eco-friendly' home improvement, but we got tired of the greenwashing, and stuck to something more meaningful.

And what does Sustainable Home Improvement actually mean? It might mean a resilient, long-lasting home, an energy efficient home, a healthy home, perhaps one with a small environmental footprint. Turns out, Sustainability has a varied meaning depending on who you talk to - and it's our goal at Rise to arm homeowners with decision power that reflects the different values of sustainability, so they can have and live in a better home. And why is this important now? Because this type of building isn't a pipe dream anymore, it's the future of the home improvement industry. Our goal is to help expedite that adoption, by being the go-to resource for homeowners, so that we may all have a better tomorrow.