Rise Approved Manufacturers 2023 Criteria

Rise Approved Manufacturers are manufacturers of home improvement products who care about building a better future with products that benefit homeowner’s health, wealth, and/or planet. Millions of homeowners have come to use Rise as a litmus test for what makes good quality home improvement products and materials. With that trust comes responsibility to providing homeowners with the best options on the market that meet their increasingly stringent requirements. The following criteria are used in assessing and evaluating a company’s (and its products) qualifications in being featured as well as selling products on the buildwithrise.com website.

Rise is approved by The EEBA.

Company Criteria

  • Manufacturer/Supplier-specific attributes

    • Does the supplier/manufacturer have certifications or registration (e.g. ISO 14001)?
    • Does the supplier/manufacturer have an Environmental Management System (EMS) or environmental policy?
    • Can the company verify all environmental claims?
    • Does the supplier/manufacturer engage in voluntary environmental initiatives?
    • Is the company producing the product in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations?
    • What is the company's record in handling environmental and safety issues? Eg. Check Environment Canada's website for Canadian Environmental Protection Act violations within the past five years.

  • Social & Environmental Responsibility

    • Where are the products made?
    • Are employees provided with a safe and healthy work environment?
    • If applicable, are any third-party audits performed?
    • Does the company participate by way of time and/or money to social initiatives?
    • Does the company participate by way of time and/or money to social initiatives?

Product Criteria

  • Planet

    • General Product/Material Benefits

    • Product Certifications

    • Waste

    • Recycled content & renewable resources

    • Packaging

    • Energy and resource efficiency

    • Embodied Energy

    • Water Use and Responsibility

  • Health

    • General Product/Material Benefits

    • Material Composition

    • Indirect costs

  • Wealth

    • General Product/Material Benefits

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