What we do

Rise is an objective and independent resource that researches and gathers products, materials, professionals, rebates, and know-how on building and remodeling homes with sustainability in mind.

Our team researches hundreds of product categories for the purposes of providing education and decision power for homeowners.

Our Content

While the data and content found on Rise is entirely its own (unless otherwise noted), we also include references from other trusted sources on sustainable building where appropriate.

We research everything we can think of that has to do with sustainable home improvement to make it easier for homeowners to have and live in better homes. As such, we also include industry expert insights where appropriate, and back-up information with any available cold hard data.

At times, we may publish a story on an innovative product or technology, or feature home builders or designers whom we think gets it right. We do this to share valuable information; we are not compensated for these stories.

How we make money

Rise is a free resource for homeowners.

We work with home improvement professionals by offering a subscription service for those who wish to showcase their work on Rise. Any Professionals wishing to be listed on Rise are vetted by our team and go through a Sustainability Assessment before joining our ranks.

Rise also works with Manufacturers and Suppliers who care about what goes into making their products - and we enforce transparency for those companies on all fronts.

Recommendations and guidance are not made with compensated relationships in mind, but rather with the homeowner’s best interest in mind. While compensation (also a subscription service) can affect where products/materials are seen on our site, our chief goal is to give an honest and unbiased view of what options are available to homeowners.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more info on this.

Why Rise exists

We’re here because we love sustainable home improvement, and want everyone to have a better home that helps you save money, be healthy, and reduce your environmental footprint--without sacrificing comfort and beauty in your own home.