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Learn about Bamboo Decking

Bamboo Decking

Bamboo decking is decking made from the fast-growing bamboo plant, a family of woody grass species native to Asia, and long used as a building material. Bamboo is lightweight and robust. Decking made from bamboo can either be strand woven or nonwoven. Strand woven is known to provide greater strength.

Look for the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification to ensure the bamboo you have chosen was harvested sustainably. Many bamboo companies will follow a certification that limits the amount of formaldehyde used in the production process to minimize indoor air pollution. In this instance, look for certification of CARB 2 (phase 2 of the California Air Resources Board certification) or similar.

Bamboo can grow a meter per day in the correct climate, reaching harvest height in 4 to 6 years. Bamboo's is a sustainable building material due to its quick renewability. On the other hand, it is grown primarily in Asia, so outside Asia, it's not a local building material, and the ecological impact of transport is increased.

Two places in the world claim to host the world's largest deck chair - Winton, Australia, and Bournemouth, UK. Both chairs are immense, high enough to need a ladder or ropes to climb into, and spacious enough to seat more than 50 people.