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Learn about Cedar Decking

Cedar Decking

Cedar wood used as deck boards, posts, and beams, offers the benefit of being rot resistant and does not require finishing. Western Red Cedar is the most available, and has a beautiful reddish hue that gradually turns grey.

Seek locally harvested cedar where available. Look for FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification, for assurance that forest products have been sustainably harvested. In areas where Western Red Cedar or Eastern White Cedar do not grow in abundance, see if there are other natural woods with rot-resistant properties. Hemlock and tamarack are popular rot-resistant alternatives.

Cedar is a natural wood that lasts a long time without additional wood preservatives.

Two places in the world claim to host the world's largest deck chair - Winton, Australia, and Bournemouth, UK. Both chairs are immense, high enough to need a ladder or ropes to climb into, and spacious enough to seat more than 50 people.