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Learn about Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer

Energy Star clothes dryers use at least 20% less energy to operate than standard models by utilizing technologies like sensor drying, low heat settings, and steam cycles. Keep in mind; dryers consume more electricity than any other home appliance.

Check the Energy Star listings of the most efficient dryers for the current year. Keep an eye out for a dryer with a moisture sensor, so it will turn off when the clothes are dry and not over-dry them. And if you want to save even more energy, take a look at Heat Pump Clothes Dryers.

If you need to replace a dryer, you can save substantially on energy costs by choosing an Energy Star model. You'll also be reducing your ecological footprint.

Around 1800, M. Pochon in France invented a clothes dryer that consisted of a barrel cranked by hand, suspended over an open fire. Your clothes could smell like you are camping every day!