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Learn about Clothes Drying Rack

Clothes Drying Rack

A rack designed to use indoors or out on the balcony to hang your clothes to dry. Inexpensive energy saver.

You can find racks that suit the size of your home and style, and that will fold away when it is not needed. A rack that hangs from the ceiling and can be pulled up by a rope and pulley can also be convenient. Look for durable materials like solid hardwood dowels, or coated steel.

Using a drying rack is affordable, saves a lot of energy, and is gentle on your clothes. And if your home or apartment is too dry in the winter, the moisture from clothing will help humidify the air.

The Hills Hoist is a famous kind of clothesline in Australia, that was perfected through the early 1900s, and entered into widespread use starting in the 1940s. It holds clothes in a compact form, has adjustable height, and can rotate in the wind to dry the clothes faster. The Hills Hoist became an icon of Australian suburban life, and is listed as a National Treasure by the National Library of Australia.