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Learn about Clothesline


A solar and wind-powered laundry dehumidifier! How's that for high-tech? Nothing quite compares with the fresh scent of real sunshine on clean, dry sheets.

A heavy-duty clothesline kit with two wheels, the right length of line, hooks, a tightener, and a retainer that holds the lines together. You'll need someplace to install the two ends. Also, clothespins, if you don't already have some. There is even an automatic clothesline now that clips the clothes to the line for you!

On sunny days, drying on a clothesline avoids having to use an electric or gas dryer, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It's also a natural opportunity for a bit of fresh air and exercise.

The Hills Hoist is a famous kind of clothesline in Australia, that was perfected through the early 1900s, and entered into widespread use starting in the 1940s. It holds clothes in a compact form, has adjustable height, and can rotate in the wind to dry the clothes faster. The Hills Hoist became an icon of Australian suburban life, and is listed as a National Treasure by the National Library of Australia.