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Learn about Compressed Earth Blocks

Compressed Earth Blocks

Compressed earth blocks are a manufactured construction material that is natural, innovative, and sustainable. Earth blocks are usually made with soil from the building site, mixed with clays and aggregate for stability.

Mixed materials are placed in a mechanical press and can be made in just a few days. They need to dry for between one and four weeks before they can be used. Once dry, they are water-resistant and act like cinder blocks or brick.

Customers need to choose between “stabilized” or “unstabilized” compressed earth blocks for their projects. “Stabilized” means that 8% of the mixture will be composed of cement, lime, or fly ash. Stabilizing improves water resistance and hurricane protection.

By using all natural materials, compressed earth blocks are low to zero carbon emissions and low embodied energy.

Concrete and rebar columns can be combined with earth blocks for extra protection and seismic resistance in earthquake-prone regions.