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Learn about Concrete Resurfacer

Concrete Resurfacer

Concrete resurfacers restore your concrete surface to look new. Resurfacers are a unique combination of blending cement, fine sands, polymer modifiers, and adhesive additives. The mixture can cover minor chips, cracks, and discoloration but don't use for large patches. The resurfacer adds a thin layer to your current concrete slab, creating a protective bond meant to add years to your gently used concrete slab.

Concrete resurfacers come in various quantities and qualities for both consumer- and commercial-grade products. The former being more durable than the consumer brand.</p>

When looking for a concrete resurfacer, be sure it is a concrete-specific product. There are various other resurfacers for sale that are meant for both concrete or leveling plywood subfloors. These products will be labeled as "concrete resurfacers" while others may display terms such as "floor leveler."

Concrete resurfacers are great for fully resurfacing a concrete slab, giving it a pleasant and new finish. As such, be sure to fully cover a concrete surface or risk having half of the resulting concrete seem fresher than the rest.</p>

The sustainable feature of concrete resurfacers comes from the life extension you get out of your concrete slab. Cured-concrete resurfacers rate a compressive strength of 4,500 psi. This durability makes the final product stronger than the concrete slab alone, prolonging the concrete's life.

By extending the life of your concrete surface, you are reducing the waste needing to leave the property and the resources necessary to replace a full concrete slab.