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Learn about Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain

Acid stain for adding colour and decorative patterns to the surface of a concrete floor. The stain penetrates into the pores of the concrete and reacts chemically with the hydrated lime in the cement, becoming a permanent part of the surface of the concrete, so it cannot peel off.

Look for a true acid-based stain, which is a mixture of metallic salts in acid. These react with the concrete to form a permanent pattern. You can make different patterns, and even prints on the floor, using leaves or other objects. The colour is a result of the reaction between the concrete, the stain, and the inorganic salts, so it will look different each time and cannot be matched from one job to another. Use safety precautions for handling acid if you are working with the stain yourself.

Provides a beautiful and durable finish to concrete, with minimal materials needed. It's easy to keep clean.

When acid staining concrete, you can leave footprints behind that show up in the stain, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The process involves washing the concrete thoroughly with soap and water before staining. Your footprints while washing the concrete can embed more soap in the footprinted spaces, which can show up in the later staining stage. If you like the fun of having permanent footprints on the floor, go for it! If not, you can wear shoes with fine spikes for all stages of the work, so the footprints don't show.