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Learn about Deck Paint

Deck Paint

Deck paint is used to tie together the exterior of your home with the beauty of a backyard. Whether your deck is old or new, a thick layer of paint over the wood surface can cover up any imperfections and protect the wood from the sun's damaging UV. Deck paints come in many different colors and styles and are designed specifically for handling outdoor weather conditions.

When selecting a deck paint, you must make sure you are choosing one with proper UV protection. Aim for products rated for outdoor use which have better protection against the elements and handle fading better than other paints. If you're planning on making heavy use of your deck, make sure to coat the floor with paint capable of handling the increased foot traffic. Most sources recommend using oil-based paint over water-based paint for outdoor painting because of its durability.

When appropriately applied, deck paints help maintain the overall integrity of the wood beneath it. New wall paints on the market are more sustainable than they were in years previous. Since these paints are made of natural plant oils or milk, they are often non-toxic, VOC-free, and odorless.

Decks heightened in popularity during the 1980s because homeowners started to view decks as a fundamental addition to their interior living space.