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Learn about Dimmer Switch

Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switches provide variable light intensity. Dimming light bulbs reduce their energy consumption and light output.

When incandescent lights are dimmed, it provides some energy savings and increases the service life of the bulb. However because the light intensity decreases more than the wattage, the bulb is less efficient per unit of light. When using CFLs on a dimmer, the efficiency is not affected. However note that some CFLs are not compatible with standard dimmers, so look for dimmable CFL bulbs, as indicated on the packaging. If non-dimmable CFL bulbs are used with a dimmer switch, they may flicker and could be damaged. To use LEDs on a dimmer, look for dimmable LED bulbs. You may also need to replace your dimmer switch with one that is compatible with LED bulbs. Check the packaging and/or instructions for compatibility.

You can create different moods with different lighting levels, and save energy at the same time.

A dimmer switch that could be installed in a wall outlet was invented by Joel Spira in New York, USA in 1959. This invention has been so significant to lighting design that his collection of prototypes and notes was placed in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American history in 2010.