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Learn about Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy monitoring systems can monitor a variety of things, like electricity consumption, water consumption, solar electricity production, room temperatures, and thermostat setpoints.

Many new Apps are now entering the market that can analyze the monitored data to show you how and when you use energy.

Electricity monitoring devices are the most common. Simple monitors are available that track the electricity used from one plug. Others include a clamp that is attached to your electricity meter or mains to monitor electricity consumed in an entire house, or via your electrical panel’s circuits.

Because there are so many different types of energy monitoring systems available, look for a system that will work for your needs. Some things to think about are:

By showing you how much energy you use, energy monitoring systems can help you reduce your energy consumption. As well, they can help you make other, larger energy related decisions. For example, data collected from an energy monitoring system may help you decide between a solar hot water heating system or a solar photovoltaic system.