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Learn about EPDM White Rubber Roof

EPDM White Rubber Roof

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) is a type of rubber that can be used as a waterproof membrane of a flat or low slope roof. EPDM is typically black, but going with a white color can have energy savings. White roofs are sometimes called cool roofs.

Look for the Energy Star rating label. Energy Star rated low slope roofs must have an initial solar reflectance greater than or equal to 0.65 and after 3 years or weathering and sun exposure, the solar reflectance must be still be greater than 0.50.

Using white rubber reflects solar energy, rather than absorbing it like a typical black EPDM rubber roof. In hot climates this can reduce the amount of air conditioning required to cool a building.

Note that in cooler climates, a white roof can actually result in higher heating costs!