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Learn about Exterior Wood Sealant

Exterior Wood Sealant

Wood sealants protect your wooden surfaces from fading and rotting. Use sealers on a variety of wooden products, including outdoor decks and furniture. Depending on the sealer selected, your wood surfaces can be protected from water, chemicals, and UV, keeping surfaces looking younger and healthier for longer. There are two main types of sealants. Penetrating sealers soak deep into the grain, protecting the wood from moisture. Coating sealers create a hardened surface layer that protects from water and is more durable.

When looking for external wood sealants, be sure that they are long-lasting and meant for outdoor use. Some outdoor sealers come with the added benefit of UV protection. This extra layer of protection helps shield your wooden products from the sun, slowing the fading that will naturally occur over time. Most external wood sealers come with an added stain which provides UV protection. Outdoor wood sealants without UV protection are still at risk of fading.

Exterior wood sealant gets its sustainable features from its life-extension of outdoor wooden surfaces. Wood products that are left untreated and exposed to the elements are prone to dry out, crack and discolor over time. The cost, both financially and environmentally, to be repeatedly replacing these products adds up over time. By applying a wood sealer, you protect your investment and reduce the resources needed to maintain your product.

By choosing a low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sealer, you reduce the greenhouse gasses released through off-gassing.