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Learn about Fiberglass Door Frame

Fiberglass Door Frame

Fiberglass door frames can withstand extreme temperatures (-40°F through 350°F, and higher) without becoming brittle or soft, making them great for various climates. Fiberglass is manufactured of molten glass and woven with resin to give it strength. The end product can be extremely stiff, ranging from eight to ten times stronger than traditional vinyl.

Fiberglass is a dimensionally stable material. With fiberglass, once the thermoset resin has had its time to cure, you do not have to worry about your product creeping or deforming over time.

You’re going to want to be looking for high-quality fiberglass frames made to withstand warping, dents and extreme weather. An optimal frame remains reliable year-round, able to stand up to seasonal weather changes.

A proper fiberglass frame outperforms the typical thermally broken aluminum frame, showing an 85% improvement in heat loss reduction. Adding steel to reinforce vinyl frames can cause a reduction of up to 20% of the R-value. But fiberglass frames demonstrate superior efficiency comparably, causing the fiberglass frame to feel warmer in cold conditions

Unlike PVC (polyvinyl chloride), fiberglass is 8x more stable against expansion and contraction. This reduces the amount of stress on the gaskets, joints, and seals, keeping your window leak-free longer and your home better regulated. Insufficient insulation requires more energy to heat and cool a building and is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in North America.

Fiberglass frames are made from non-toxic materials, safe for handling and disposal at the end of its 50+ year lifespan.