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Learn about Fiberglass Swing Door

Fiberglass Swing Door

A fiberglass swing door is an energy-efficient door that requires minimal maintenance, is difficult to scratch, and can be customized to fit nearly any style. The fiberglass that makes up the door can is often painted or stained to imitate wood and has a similar warmth to its touch.

Not being actual wood, fiberglass swing doors are resistant to decay, insect attack, and weathering by extreme temperatures without wearing down.

When purchasing fiberglass swing doors, it is always beneficial to look for a company that provides a good warranty. You should also make sure that when buying, that your doors are ENERGY STAR rated, which is 25% more efficient than a standard door.

The environmental benefit most associated with the use of fiberglass swing doors is their energy performance. With proper energy-efficient glazing, fiberglass swing doors can be an excellent insulator given appropriately insulated wall assemblies. Fiberglass swing doors have a lower embodied energy and can be up to 60% less than aluminum's equivalent profile.

Fiberglass swing doors also have a lifespan of 50+ years and are made of non-toxic materials that are both safe to handle and dispose of at the end of product life.