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Learn about Fibreglass Rigid Board Insulation

Fibreglass Rigid Board Insulation

Fiberglass rigid board insulation is designed to be installed as exterior sheathing on walls, or on the interior side of basement walls. Board insulation made from fine fibers of glass pressed together into a rigid board. It can contain a high percentage of recycled glass. The boards have enough strength to support themselves and allow for cladding and finishing fasteners to go through them.

Look for a high recycled glass content. Rigid fibreglass boards are more often used in commercial applications and soundproofing, and can therefore be difficult to find in small quantities for home use.

A thick layer of effective insulation will save you money on your energy bills. Rigid fibreglass boards allow you to add insulation value to exterior walls and foundation walls. Some brands have a high proportion of recycled glass content, reducing waste. Typical insulation value is around R3.5 per inch.

Like many useful things, the method to make large quantities of glass fibres was discovered by accident. Researcher Dale Kleist, at Ohio State University in 1932, was trying to glue together two blocks of glass and tried spraying molten glass with a spray-gun. The fine glass fibres that came out of the spray-gun turned out to be perfect for insulation.