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Learn about Foam Glass

Foam Glass

Foam glass (or porous glass or cellular glass) is a porous glass material that is used as a thermal and sound insulator. Foam glass is lightweight, high strength, moisture-proof, and fireproof. It’s available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and also as foam glass gravel.

Foam glass is made by heating a mixture of crushed glass and a blowing agent like limestone or carbon. As it heats up, the blowing agent releases gas that produces a foaming effect. After the mixture cools, it hardens into a rigid material with closed-cell pores filled with gas. The pores can make up to 90% of its volume, making foam glass a very effective and surprisingly lightweight insulator.

Foam glass is a high-quality but expensive insulation material, so it is best suited for applications that are too harsh for more affordable alternatives (underground, outdoors, etc.). If you’re looking to choose a product with a low carbon footprint, look for a manufacturer that uses recycled glass.

Foam glass is durable, resilient, and often made with recycled glass. Its anti-corrosive and anti-moisture properties make it an excellent insulation material for harsh environments like underground, outdoors, and deep cooling or super hot environments.

Foam glass makes an excellent sound insulator, and its resiliency makes it perfect for harsh indoor and outdoor environments. It’s used to reduce noise for industrial machinery and even highway noise.