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Learn about Full Foam Hot Tub

Full Foam Hot Tub

Insulation is a key factor in reducing the amount of energy a hut tub requires to maintain a desired temperature. Hot tub insulation acts similarly to home insulation as it adds structural integrity which can result in fewer leaks and cracks.

Hot tubs insulation is generally available in 3 varieties:

  1. Partial foam - insulation is placed inside the inner shell of the tub
  2. Thermal wrap - reflective thermal blanket that is placed around the inner shell of the tub
  3. Full foam - the internal of the tub is insulated with foam (generally spray foam).

Full foam surrounds many of the tubs components reducing vibrations which is the leading cause of operational wear and tear.

Full foam keeps the heat in, leading to a more efficient hot tub. Noise is often reduced as well as repairs relating to maintenance and plumbing.

The best hot tubs use the same insulation as industrial freezers.