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Learn about Green Roof - Intensive

Green Roof - Intensive

Also known as living roofs, green roofs are a continuous layer of vegetation that is installed on a flat or slightly sloped roof surface. They are made up of a layer of soil and plants laid over a drainage layer, waterproofing membrane and insulation.

Intensive green roofs are usually 6-24 inches in depth and support the growth of larger plants, shrubs and even trees. The rooftop is also an ideal location for vegetable and herb gardens which may be less exposed to weeds and pests than at ground level. While intensive green roofs are more common on larger commercial buildings, don't let that stop you from going full bloom on your own home!

Intensive green roofs can consist of over 24 inches of wet soil, adding significant weight to a structure. Such a roof will likely require additional structural support and so it is advisable to conduct a structural assessment before installation.

Intensive green roofs are similar to traditional gardens and can require consistent irrigation, care and maintenance.

Through the evaporation cycle, green roofs can help cool a city during hot summer months, reducing the heat island effect. As well, they add insulation value to a rooftop and decrease the exposure of waterproofing membranes to the atmosphere, reducing wear from temperature fluctuations and ultra-violet radiation and adding years to the life of a roof.

Pathways, benches and tables throughout a rooftop garden can also provide a beautiful space for people to relax and interact with nature.

Green roofs have been used for thousands of years, both for insulation and water proofing and to create beautiful spaces such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!