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Learn about Hemp Batt Insulation

Hemp Batt Insulation

Hemp wool batt insulation is a natural, herbal insulation material made from hemp fibers. In some cases, it could also be produced with small amounts of recycled flax, polyester, and kenaf fibers. It needs very little water to grow and does not require pesticides or insecticides.

The total lifecycle of hemp wool is also attractive. It requires less energy to produce than most common insulation products on the market. For those concerned about embodied energy, hemp wool insulation requires 14 times less energy to produce than polyurethane of the same thermal performance. Hemp is also recyclable and reusable at the end of life.

Hemp wool has many other notable benefits. It acts as a sound barrier, it's non-toxic, repellant to mold, rodents, pests, and insects. It's also vapor-permeable, allowing moisture to move through it freely and regulate the flow of indoor and outdoor temperatures. Hemp wool is ideal for those looking to control relative humidity better. The insulation does not off-gas VOCs, and no chemical binders are used.

Hemp wool insulation is ideal for zero carbon homes since the material absorbs more carbon than consumed during construction.

50 years after construction, a crew opened up the walls of a construction project in France using hemp wool insulation. The hemp wool insulation looked brand new with little to no loss of integrity which would would be common in fiberglass batt insulation over the same time period.