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Learn about High Efficiency Oil Boiler

High Efficiency Oil Boiler

A high efficiency oil boiler is a water heating unit fired with oil that has high efficiency, up to 92% for some models. These boilers use condensing technology to wring out all the heat possible from the exhaust gases.

Look for Energy Star labels, and efficiency ratings greater than 88%, even up to 92%. Efficiency is rated as Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). There are fewer models of high-efficiency oil boilers available than gas because gas is a more common heating fuel than oil across North America as a whole.

By using 4% less oil than a standard model, these boilers reduce your energy bills and your greenhouse gas emissions.

High-efficiency condensing boilers are so efficient, capturing so much of the heat of combustion, that their flue gas is low enough temperature to go out through a plastic pipe without melting it. It's amazing to think of a combustion appliance with a plastic chimney!