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Learn about Interior Air Sealing Tape

Interior Air Sealing Tape

Interior Air Sealing Tape is an adhesive tape used to prevent air and moisture flow between internal building envelope materials such as drywall, pipes, windows, and doors. This type of adhesive tape is an essential component for a building to achieve energy performance levels dictated by building codes and an airtight building envelope required by high-performance energy efficiency standards.

That's one mile of exterior joints that can leak air, increasing heating and cooling energy bills while allowing moisture, cold drafts, and unwanted noise to enter a house.

Air sealing tapes are one of the most cost-effective, high return-on-investment products to achieve a "tight" building envelope. Through the sealing of drywall joints, windows, and doors, to name a few areas, builders can prevent common air leak issues that contribute to increased heating and cooling costs, moisture, drafts, and even unwanted noise.

Interior Air Sealing Tapes are readily available by application and are made to withstand harsh temperatures. Still, it's essential to ensure the tape you purchase was manufactured for its intended application; this includes its ability to bond and the substrate or building material. In some situations, a tape primer may be required to form a stronger bond.

Interior air sealing tape is made to be extremely durable and resilient. Most high performance tapes are manufactured to last for 100 years, or for the lifetime of the structure.

Airtight homes coupled with mechanical ventilation, like a Passive House, are 90% more energy efficient than a built to code home.