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Learn about Lighting Control System

Lighting Control System

Lighting control systems are an intelligent, network-based system that controls communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting. These types of systems can provide the ability to adjust lighting based on factors such as, time of day, sunrise/sunset, occupancy in combination with appropiate sensors and alarm conditions. These system can also implement program logic that reacts to a combination of events.

With the advent of broadband connections being available and coverage of cellphone networks. these systems can be as simple as a WiFi connected light switch, used in conjunction with a phone app or computer software to provide an inexpensive lighting control system. They can go from the relatively simple to very sophisticated.

By automatically controlling lighting based on needs, you can reduce energy consumption while providing ideal lighting conditions.

Lighting controls can make beautiful artwork. In an installation called "Patches" in 2010, artist Stephen Kelly installed an array of colourful LED lights in the Mona Campbell Building at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, that change colours and patterns in response to the building's sensor system. Changes in temperature, carbon dioxide, light levels, and energy use of the building are reflected in the changing lights.