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Learn about Lime Wash

Lime Wash

A Lime wash finish is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paint made of calcium-rich limestone. Limestone is crushed, burnt and slaked and then left to mature for several months prior to adding water to create lime wash.

Lime wash is a great, eco-friendly alternative to paints with VOC's. As lime wash dries after application it can become 10 times lighter and opacity is impacted by the number of coats applied.+

Lime has a high pH level, which gives it hypoallergenic properties since microorganisms cant survive. It's often suggested that lime wash's composition helps remove odors (and harmful CO2), improving interior air quality.

Lime was used in mortars, plasters and paint as far back as 12,000 BC. Lime wash was heavily used in Roman construction and was the only form of widely available paint available for surfaces.