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Learn about Natural Wood Balusters

Natural Wood Balusters

Balusters (stairway railing posts) made from natural, whole stems of small diameter trees that are harvested sustainably through coppicing. Coppicing is a method of harvesting stems from trees and allowing the trees to regrow. It works with trees that make many stems, like birch, maple, oak, alder, and willow.

Look for local wood suppliers or coppicing operations. All work with coppiced wood is custom work, so either plan to install it yourself or hire a local woodworker / carpenter who has a creative bent.

Local, sustainable harvest of a renewable resource that easily grows back, leaving the overall forest undisturbed. By using the wood stems whole, with the bark and all, you get a beautiful railing while minimizing the amount of material processing, energy, and waste.

Coppicing trees has a long history in the United Kingdom, where you can find trees that have been harvested for centuries and are still going strong.