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Learn about Night Light

Night Light

Night lights serve multiple purposes. They can illuminate fixtures or obstructions, guide people down hallways, stairways, or in bathrooms. They can assist parents in visiting infants' rooms while they sleep or accommodate children who cannot sleep in the dark.

Night lights are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and brightness. Night lights shouldn't be too bright and are often sold as 4 watts, equivalent to 20 lumens. LED night lights providing similar lighting use even less at approximately 0.5 watts. For comparison, LEDs produce about 30 lumens per watt, while incandescents produce around 20 lumens for every 4 watts.

Be conscious of the lighting direction so that it meets your needs. In many cases, night lights should point outwards or towards the floor. Some night lights are adjustable, allowing for multi-directional use when needed. Automated night lights make the perfect addition to entryways, basements, hallways, bathrooms, and more. Night lights can be an included feature in a receptacle feature, plugins or battery operated.

Night lights are an energy-efficient way to provide lighting during nighttime or in dark areas. Some battery powered night lights can even be charged with daylight.

An LED night light consuming 0.5 watts uses less than $1 of energy to run each year.