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Learn about Non-Toxic Wood Cleaner

Non-Toxic Wood Cleaner

Non-toxic wood cleaners are safe, easy-to-use cleaners meant to remove dirt, dust, food, grime, and stains from interior and exterior wood surfaces.

Look for non-toxic cleaners to be biodegradable and surface-safe. These are typically, but not limited to, water-based and plant-based products. Some cleaners will have a Greenguard certification. This certification shows that the product has passed strict tests and is proven to have low- to no-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and be indoor safe.

Some non-toxic wood cleaners are water-based, removing potentially harmful solvents. When brands produce refillable containers, this reduces waste, allowing purchasers to buy bulk refillers and reuse the product. Products certified with Greenguard have passed strict VOC tests and are indoor safe.

Non-toxic wood cleaners are biodegradable and low- to no-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).