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Learn about OLED Lighting

OLED Lighting

OLEDs are Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. They are made from organic materials (carbon-based), applied in sheets that create a diffuse light, unlike LEDs, which are point light sources. OLED is in its early stages, with products like desk lamps, light panels, and TVs available that offer comparable quality, efficiency, and lifetime as LEDs. The OLED products are still some years away from widespread use because their cost is still relatively high.

Check the energy consumption rating in Watts, the amount of light output in lumens, and the color temperature in Kelvins, to get the amount and color of light you want.

OLED lighting and displays have nearly the same great energy savings as LEDs. The main advantage over LEDs is that OLED material is a carbon-based dye that can be printed onto a variety of surfaces - rigid, flexible, transparent, glass and metal to create a light source that radiates from a broader area. The light quality is really nice too!

The Seoul National University in Korea installed 1000 OLED desk lamps in its library for student use in 2015, because they love the light these lamps produce.