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Learn about Outlet and Switch Foam Gaskets

Outlet and Switch Foam Gaskets

These are draft-stopping foam inserts that fit between the outlet or switch box and the faceplate of electrical outlets and switches.

Look for approved foam pads made for this purpose. If you want them to seal even better, you can caulk underneath them before putting them on. Always turn off electricity from the breaker panel to the outlets and switches before installing these.

Since electrical outlet and switch boxes penetrate into exterior wall cavities, they can leak air and lose heat. These foams pads are cheap and easy to install. This quick upgrade can result in siginificant energy savings.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that homeowners can reduce their energy bills related to heating and cooling by as much as 30% when properly insulating our homes. Electrical outlets are often and afterthought and using fire retardant foam gaskets around electrical outlets can help cut drafts in older homes that are not "airtight".