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Learn about Portable Battery Generator

Portable Battery Generator

A portable battery generator is a battery-powered generator that powers DC devices. The battery can be charged by solar panels or from an AC wall outlet. Portable battery generators have an inverter in the device that converts the battery's DC output into power for AC devices. These are ideal for battery backup during power outages, off-grid activities, power tools, charging devices while traveling, and even camping.

Portable battery generators are a smaller, portable version of generators. They're available with various features and battery capacities to meet your intended needs. When buying a portable battery generator, it's important to evaluate how you intend to use it and what features are important to meet your needs. A few common features you should focus on include:

It's equally important to purchase genuine devices that carry third-party certifications, to ensure you're buying a device that will perform as advertised, not damage your devices and meet or exceed the expected lifespan.

Portable battery chargers can be charged through solar panels and power many devices, including laptops, televisions, mini fridges and coolers, coffee makers, electric cooking devices, and more.

A 1,000Wh portable battery charge can charge a standard laptop at least 12 times, run a mini fridge for 12 hours or power a CPAP device for 15 hours.<