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Learn about Radon Fan

Radon Fan

Radon fans are used to keep radon from rising through your home's foundation and building within your household. Using negative pressure, radon is pulled from beneath the house and drawn through a pipe safely outdoors. Radon fans are designed for radon extraction from basements, cellars, crawl spaces, etc. They will vary depending on the power requirements and style of the fan (i.e., low, moderate, or high suction fans).

When looking for radon fans, there are three main categories. Low suction fans provide low airflow, moderate suction fans offer medium to high airflow, and high suction provides a low airflow.

Low suction fans are often used in houses with a drain tile or 4 to 6 inches of gravel beneath the home. These are usually the quietest fans and least expensive to power.

Moderate suction fans are built for medium to large homes with drain tile or gravel beneath a concrete slab. These fans do best at moving higher quantities of air without too much suction. Higher flow fans can potentially be noisier and may require a noise suppressor.

High suction fans work best with clay and sand soils. Additional fans may be needed in tighter soils which can add to the noise generated from these fans.

Most radon fans should be watertight since they will be bringing moisture up along with the radon gas. If your radon fan is placed in an external setting, be sure that it is rated for outdoor use and is resistant to weathering and UV.

Radon fans are not inherently helpful in improving a home's sustainability. Their benefits come from how they positively affect the health of a household. Having a radon fan helps protect your family from dangerous levels of radon build-up.