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Learn about Replacement Water Filter

Replacement Water Filter

Replacement water filters are just as they sound, replacement filters for your water filtration device. While UV water filtration systems require less maintenance and care, many popular water filter systems require filters to be changed at preset intervals based on their time or water usage to ensure the system is operating optimally.

Water filters are made specifically for the water filter system you own. It's essential to consult the owner manual for the required replacement part(s), which will always note the compatible filters with your system. While inexpensive, third-party replacement filters may sometimes be available, you should look to use genuine replacement filters to ensure proper water filtration.

Adding this water filtration system adds an annual cost for filter replacement, which generates some degree of waste requiring disposal. That said, if you find yourself consuming bottled water regularly or having to drain away water because of sediment or flavor, this system can reduce waste

Whole home water filters improve the quality of water in your home by removing harmful bacteria, chlorine, lead, minerals, calcium, and carcinogens. The first water filter was created around 5000 B.C. by Hippocrates using a simple cloth filter.