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Learn about Sliding Patio Door

Sliding Patio Door

Sliding patio doors, also called sliding glass doors, is a type of sliding door that provides access to the outdoors with an abundance of natural light. For most door designs, half of the door is stationary while the other slides on a track.

Since sliding patio doors are all-glass, they can be a source of heat and energy loss in your home. This can be avoided by opting for high-quality doors with triple-pane Low-E insulating glass. Even the best doors can be a source of energy loss if not properly installed, so be sure to hire an experienced contractor when installing your new door. ENERGYSTAR’s website offers guidelines on buying the most energy-efficient sliding glass doors.

Sliding patio doors are very popular for their space-saving design and the gift of natural light. Natural light is a mood-booster and is beneficial to indoor plants. Under the right circumstances, a high-quality door with triple-pane low-E insulating glass can be a passive solar heating source. You can learn more about passive solar heating by researching “passive house principles."

We all know the classic and arguably hilarious case of the friend who walks through a sliding glass door. Most modern glass doors are made of tempered glass, a much safer form of glass that breaks into thousands of pieces that will leave only small cuts and bruises. Some doors, most often commercial doors, use laminated glass. This type of glass resists breaking and feels more like walking into a wall. When this type of glass shatters, it breaks into larger, much more dangerous pieces that can cause serious injury.