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Learn about Smart Door Locks

Smart Door Locks

A Smart lock is an automated, wirelessly connected entry doors lock that can be locked and unlocked by touch, with a passcode, a key fob or remotely with a mobile app. Wireless operations work by processing instructions from an authorized device accompanied by a cryptographic key. Smart door lock systems are widely popular in homes, commercial, and hospitality such as hotels or Airbnb.

Look for compatibility with a variety of home automation hubs that you may be considering. Note that WiFi needs to be functional (and the battery in the lock) for the automated features to work. You might want to ensure that your smart lock can also be opened with a traditional key, just in case.

A smart lock does not increase home sustainability. They aim to ensure secure and easy entry for your family members and friends.

In the village of Shani Shingnapur in India, people choose to have no locks on their doors. Well, they choose to have no doors. An ancient story of faith is believed to protect the village from thievery, and indeed there have been virtually no substantiated reports of theft in the village for centuries.