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Learn about Smart Hub

Smart Hub

A smart hub is a standalone piece of hardware that allows you to connect and control multiple smart home devices within a home network. Most smart hubs can be controlled both locally and remote. Smart hubs can control heating and cooling, energy monitoring, motion sensors, smart lights, doors, speakers, and more. These hubs have built-in switches that help to perform tasks, schedule task automation, and distribute data, almost like a universal remote.

Smart hubs typically offer remote monitoring through a free all-in-one Android or iOS app, and some are also voice-activated.

Hubs can be compatible with various kinds of devices and communication protocols. Look for one that will work with the devices you want, or as wide a range of devices as possible, for flexibility. Check out the app that comes with the hub, to see if you'll enjoy using it. Note that an automation hub usually requires a live WiFi internet connection at all times in the house, and communicates and stores data in the cloud. The most common protocols for smart devices are WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave.

If you use your hub to turn off devices or shift the times that they are on, you can reduce your footprint and save on your energy bill.

Voice-activated hubs can be set up to open and close doors, turn lights on and off or set custom automated schedules, all by voice command.