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Learn about Smart Light Switch

Smart Light Switch

Smart light switches are replacements for traditional light switches allowing for lighting control on the panel itself, or remotely with a mobile application. Most popular smart light switch models allow for control remotely. Some can even leverage voice commands from compatible voice activated home hubs. Most smart light switch applications allow for programmable on and off lighting schedules. Time-based scheduling allows you to automatically turn your lights on and off, increase your homes security and reduce your energy use. Some switches even allow dimming, color and "mood" settings for activities such as hosting a dinner party, watching a moving or reading a book.

Look for switches that are easy to use, with an app that you would enjoy working with. If you are going to go farther into home automation, start with switches that are compatible with automation hubs available on the market. Many new smart home hubs support a variety of communication protocols, including ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Bonus - see if you can find one that will also measure energy consumption.

Mainly these are for convenience, but you can use them to save energy and money by turning certain devices that use energy off at certain times, like when they are not needed or when the peak electricity prices happen.

Lighting color can be viewed as a novelty for holiday decorating and parties, but did you know that changing the color of your environment can have a significant impact on how you feel and function. When paired with a smart LED light bulb, a smart light switch can help you experiment with lighting colors.