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Learn about Smart Powerbar

Smart Powerbar

Also called a smart powerstrip, a smart powerbar has some of its power outlets automatically controlled to shut off when they are not needed. This reduces standby power consumption.

Smart powerbars come with many different features - number of outlets, which ones are on all the time, and which are automatically shut off. Some even have a remote. Look for a power bar that meets your needs.

Standby power, also known as 'phantom load' or 'vampire power' (Yikes!) can be using up to 5% of the electricity in your home. It's things like TVs, computers, and other equipment that use power all the time, even when they are switched off. A smart powerbar gives you the option of automatically shutting down those items completely without having to unplug them, saving on your energy bill and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

Patents for power bars existed in the United States as long ago as 1929.