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Learn about Smart Security Camera

Smart Security Camera

Home security cameras are cameras with motion tagging and sound detection technology that records video inside or outside of your house. Typically wireless and WiFi-enabled, these devices can send video footage to online storage that can be viewed from a mobile app or a security monitoring service. They can send notifications or alarms if unusual movements are detected on video. You can review the recordings later in case something has happened. Some webcams also have night vision (infrared sensors).

Webcams come in many optional types - wired or wireless, outdoor or indoor, battery-powered or plugged in. Look for devices that are compatible with a variety of home automation hubs, or with the particular system you have. Consider the optical and video quality of the webcam, the amount of data storage required, and whether it has a backup data storage system in case the internet or the power is out.

Home security cameras help ensure the security of your home and lets you know what's going on at the house even when you aren't there.

The first webcam was connected in 1991 in the Trojan Room of the computer laboratory of the University of Cambridge, England. The grainy video image focused on the coffee pot in the room and was connected to an internal network in the building. It was primarily used so that staff could see whether the coffee pot was full or empty before making a trip to the room for coffee. The image of this coffee pot eventually was available around the world on the internet, until 2001, when the camera was finally disconnected.