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Learn about Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar-powered outdoor lights have a small photovoltaic panel that charges a battery inside the fixture so that they don't need to connect to an electrical source. They are available for several purposes, such as pathway lighting, step, and deck lighting, floodlighting, spotlighting, and decorative lighting.

Be sure to buy a light that is suitable for your purpose. Low light applications like pathway lighting require less power and can have a small built-in photovoltaic panel. Floodlights may require much more energy and come with a larger, detached photovoltaic panel that can be oriented to get the most sun exposure.

The batteries in a solar light are the component with the shortest lifespan (2-5 years), so be sure to buy products that have replaceable batteries.

The lifespan of a solar light can also be limited by the lamp (light bulbs). LED lighting usually has the lowest power requirement and the most extended lifespan.

Solar outdoor lights are powered by 100% renewable energy! However, remember that they still contain embodied energy, so it is best only to install them where they are necessary. Some products come equipped with a motion sensor so that they only turn on when needed!