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Learn about Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Roofing material made of metal, typically galvanized steel, copper, or zinc, with the seams between sheets crimped together and standing a few centimetres above the roof surface. Standing seam roofs are distinctive because the crimped seams can cover all the screws and nails that fasten them to the roof, leaving a smooth and leak-proof surface.

Look for the material that works best for you - steel, zinc, and copper are some of the available metals. The steel products come in many different colours, coated in enamel. Look for a light colour, because it will reflect summer heat away from your home, saving energy on air conditioning and decreasing your contribution to urban heat island effect. Consider the track record of the installing company, asking for references from customers.

Metal roofs are durable, completely recyclable, and fire resistant. Many metal roofs can earn an Energy Star rating based on their reflectivity factor (rather than absorbing sunlight like a conventional asphalt roof), which decreases summer overheating and air condition energy consumption. This type of roofing will perform even better when installed with an air space in behind to promote ventilation.

Kronborg, the castle in Denmark that inspired Elsinore Castle in Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet', had a standing seam copper roof installed on the tower in the year 1585. The roof was renewed in 2009, marking 424 years between roofing jobs.