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Tiny House

A tiny house is a home that is under 600 square feet or 400 square feet, according to some builders and jurisdictions. The Tiny House Movement is attractive to homeowners looking to reduce their cost of living, simplify their life, or reduce their carbon footprint.

When choosing to downsize to a tiny house, first decide whether to build on a foundation or on wheels. This decision will dramatically affect your lifestyle, where you can build, and whether you can get financing and insurance. Tiny houses built on foundations are usually zoned as real estate (instead of as an RV like a tiny house on wheels) and provide fewer barriers for financing and insurance.

Tiny houses significant reduce the environmental impact of it's occupants. With spaces totally 400-600 square feet, tiny homes require less space, use less material to construct, and require less energy than the average home.

The average tiny house is 186 square feet. The standard US house is nearly 2100 square feet. That’s more than 11 tiny houses!