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Learn about Toilet Tank Sink

Toilet Tank Sink

A toilet tank sink is a small sink and faucet built onto the top of the toilet tank of a high-efficiency toilet. When you flush the toilet, the water to refill the tank comes through this faucet, which you can use to wash your hands. Your handwashing water then fills the toilet tank and is reused for the next flush.

Available as either a whole toilet or as a retrofit, you can buy and add to the top of an existing toilet tank.

The coolest feature is it saves water. It saves about 3 liters of water per use. Also, it can save space - if you have a small water closet with only a toilet, you can still have a sink to wash hands.

Quick Tip: Close the toilet lid before you start washing your hands at the toilet sink. This will prevent splashing water on the toilet seat!