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Learn about Tung Oil Finish

Tung Oil Finish

Tung oil is a natural wood finisher made from the seeds produced by the Tung Tree. This product, used for thousands of years in China on wooden surfaces, provides a protective, food-safe finish that naturally dries to a honey-like color. Produced from a natural source, Pure Tung oil contains no added solvents. It is considered one of the most mold-resistant natural oils.

You're going to want to ensure that your Tung oil is what it claims to be. There have been instances where products are labeled as Tung oil Finishes but are closer to Danish Oil. Danish Oil is a mixture of Linseed or Tung oil and other finishing solvents. When looking for Pure Tung oil, be sure to check the label before purchasing. Some Tung oil products include pine oil and zinc for better sealing and protection.

Tung oil is a natural finisher made by pressing the seed from the Tung Tree. The oil produced creates a protective layer through polymerization, not requiring additional chemicals or solvents. Lacking these additives, Pure Tung oil is a no-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) product. Tung oil also provides a protective layer, extending the life of your wooden product.

Tung oil was first mentioned in the writings of Confucius in 500 B.C. Traditional Chinese sailing ships used Tung oil as a waterproofing coat.