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Learn about Ventless Clothes Dryer

Ventless Clothes Dryer

A ventless, or condenser clothes dryer condenses the water out of the clothing and sends it to a drain or a tank. More efficient than a standard dryer, and also doesn't need a vent to the outside, so is often used in apartments or condos.

Look for the Energy Star label, and choose a size that will work for you.

Saves energy compared with conventional dryers, and takes good care of your clothes by being gentler on them. Also, because it doesn't need a vent, it's one less hole in your house, and it doesn't send your preheated or precooled air out of the house, saving you energy. This is a great advantage in winter. On the down side, can take a little longer to dry.

Around 1800, M. Pochon in France invented a clothes dryer that consisted of a barrel cranked by hand, suspended over an open fire. Your clothes could smell like you are camping every day!