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appalachian container cabin

Appalachian Container Cabin Shows the Benefits Container Building

By Tom RossRise Writer
Feb 12, 2018

Nick and Krista Skytland's container cabin adventure developed from a desire to see riches differently. Nick, who works as a strategist at NASA analyzing demographic trends, points out that “today’s young adults aren’t as bought into the same consumer mentality as previous generations. They are pushing back on wanting more stuff.” He wanted to focus on growing his family’s experiences rather than his family’s purchases. Container living offered the humble wealth the Skytland’s had been looking for.

appalachian container cabin view

Tucked away in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina is the Skytland’s new container hide-away. They enjoy expansive Appalachian views, roasting marshmallows by the fire, and hiking to the nearby waterfall. These are the experiences Nick and Krista wanted for their family. However, the learning experience of building a container home was its own reward. Here is what they learned.

appalachian container cabin side snow

The five benefits of building a container home:

1. Modular

You can build with one container or seven containers. This makes building a container home a more affordable project to start because you can easily add additions later. The Skytland’s started with the end in mind and have plans for three phases of expansion. They want more space for when their kids get older.

appalachian container cabin rooftop view

2. Contained Space

Since container homes involve a shipping container you have immediate shelter. After that, it’s a matter of installing all the elements of a traditional build.

appalachian container cabin front

3. Transportable

Shipping containers are made for shipping. They can go nearly anywhere. If you’d like to reduce the cost of acquiring a shipping container choose a home destination that is less remote and closer to a seaport. Also, the Skytland’s started to build their container home in Houston, Texas and then shipped their home to North Carolina. There is no other home building option that is so immediately mobile.

appalachian container cabin kitchen

4. Relatively Affordable

To get started with a container home it is relatively cheap, however, they do require a lot of the same building process as a traditional build. Affordability should not be the primary driver in building a container home.

appalachian container cabin living room

5. Modern

Inspired by photos on Pinterest, Nick and Krista felt that container homes were naturally well suited for minimalism while remaining modern. The space in a shipping container is restricted and that helps you focus on using space effectively.

appalachian container cabin life is better

The container cabin was featured on HGTVs new show "Containables". Check it out on the DIYNetwork and if you are interested in renting it, you can check it out on Airbnb.

appalachian container cabin bunks
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