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Aquor Water Systems - Outdoor Faucet of the Future

By Rise
Apr 11, 2017

Later, leaky outdoor faucets! And welcome house hydrants!

Aquor Water Systems makes an outdoor plumbing fixture that most people have long overlooked. You know, that (usually) ugly plumbing fixture we typically use and rely on in the summer to water our yards, gardens, and vehicles. In case you still don’t know what we’re talking about:

Your standard old outdoor faucet.
Your standard old outdoor faucet

The Old Outdoor Faucet

Your standard outdoor faucet is prone to leaks. These leaks generally occur in the spout or the handle. Connecting your house can be time consuming due to rust, stripping and dirt.

Yeah that thing.

Obviously this thing is overdue for a makeover - aesthetically, and functionally. So, Aquor came up with a slick hydrant system that can easily replace your current fixture.

The Aquor outdoor faucet
The Aquor outdoor faucet

The New Outdoor Faucet

The Aquor makes for a sleek finish, is leak proof, and can work with any garden hose. The modern design alone is not only elegant, but it doesn’t protrude from the exterior of the home when not in use, which is great for homes that have tight space requirements like prefab homes. One of our featured builders of prefab homes, Method Homes, uses Aquor for their prefabs.

The hydrant is also made of stainless steel (a better insulator than the typical brass), and can protect against freezing with temperatures as low as -30 Fahrenheit. Last, the fixture self-drains when unplugged so no need to winterize.

The newest system starts at just $90, and we recommend a licensed plumber to install it. You can get get your very own Aquor outdoor faucet right here.

For more information, check out the Aquor video.

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