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Matt Daigle on Buildertrend's Building Code Podcast

By Mika Solway Editor-in-Chief
Apr 25, 2020

Building Code is a podcast created and produced by Builtertrend, which is a renowned platform that helps construction professionals improve their efficiency and productivity.  

About the Podcast

Paul Wurth and Tom Haughton, Vice President of Sales and Creative Production Manager, respectively, are the dynamic hosts. Paul and Tom are committed to providing compelling interviews to the construction industry. They share tips and tricks, best practices, and also reach out to clients to share their stories and the secrets of their success. 

Why We Like the Podcast

The Building Code podcast first aired in March 2019 and has had a wide variety of guests. Some of these chats have included important thoughts about how Google traffic can help your business thrive. Another interview with a prominent economist discussed how economics should be accessible to everyone, not just experts. Buildertrend clients have been guests on the show to talk about their work and how the platform has helped them transform their business.

What's on the Podcast

In this episode of The Building Code Podcast, our Founder and CEO, Matt Daigle, talks with the hosts about his deep dive into sustainability after the birth of his first child, which led to the founding of Rise.

Tom and Paul discuss how they love the way Rise has created a community hub of sorts. That it is great to be able to come and find the information they need and get connected to professionals and products that align with their goals.

"Homeowners are becoming increasingly involved in the renovation process. To help, Rise is intent on building content that is easy to digest, to reach the largest number of people."

They talked about the many benefits of prefab homes, the consumer shift to back to nature products, like those sourced from hemp. And, they touched on the importance of having well-ventilated homes and great indoor air quality.

"We love what you're doing, not just for this generation, but for future generations and to make our world a better place."

The guys discussed why Rise became a B Corp and our commitment to donating to 1% For The Planet. Also, they chatted about Rise's goal to double our team size, once the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic subside.

Listen to the full episode here!

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Mika Solway